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  Newborn Care

Mom holding baby in arms smiling

What is a Newborn Care Specialist? 

We wish the newborns had come with an instruction manual to make it easy. I understand that parenthood can be a scary and overwhelming experience for new moms and dads. That’s why I became a Newborn Care Specialist. I am here to help and guide you (new parent or not) and give some resources to walk through this new phase of your life. 


But, What is a Newborn Care Specialist and What does she do?


Newborn Care Specialist is an individual trained and skilled in Newborn Care. The main role of a Newborn Care Specialist is to provide assistance and education to the parents after they bring the baby(eis) home from the hospital. Also, mistakenly known as a Night Nanny or  Baby Nurse (but NCS's don't have a medical degree, therefore can't be called a nurse).

NCS’s has a variety of skill and experience with caring for newborns and has expertise in not just newborn care, but parent education and support. Newborn Care Specialists often work at the home during the night shift. But also work during the days or 24hours around the clock. We take care of the baby while the parents sleep and assist with feedings. If the baby is breastfed, the specialist will bring the baby to the mother for feeding then get the baby back to bed.

 What are the Newborn Care Specialist duties? 

• Assist & Educate Parents 

• Sleep Shape

• Bathing & Diaper Care

• Breastfeeding Support and

Bottle-Feeding Support

• Educate on the Importance of Playtime

• Daily Sleep & Feeding Log

• Implement Routine/Schedule

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