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Rea Family | Newborn+ 4 years old

Dear expectant parent(s),

I am writing to give my earnest and enthusiastic recommendation of Tatielle Schmith. Tatielle lived with my family from January to September of 2020. She provided primary child care to my then 3-year old and helped us all transition to a new baby joining our family in March.​ When our youngest daughter was born, Tatielle truly partnered with us in caring for her. I combo fed, so Tatielle would bring the baby to me to be nursed but also prepare and give her bottles. She helped us figure out patterns in our baby's sleep/wake cycles, and worked with us when it came time to start nudging her to more of a schedule to improve her sleep (and ours!).

Tatielle is warm and nurturing to babies, children, and parents. She is thoughtful and conscientious when it comes to the "little" things that actually make a big difference in family life. She interacts with babies with an unfussy reverence - a calm, capable attitude that forges a connection and trust almost immediately.​ On a more personal note, Tatielle is fun! She brought a special kind of peace and joy to our home. She has a generous spirit and truly cares about babies and their families.

I would hire Tatielle again in a second! 

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