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  Sleep Consultant

What is a Sleep Consultant?

A Sleep Consultant is a professional who will assess the baby's entire routine, troubleshoot and tweak a few things to better the child's sleep.


I offer sleep shaping support virtually for newborns and sleep training is available for babies from 5 months and older. We can plan the method that will better soothe your child and support your family. The method I use is based on the questionnaire I will send to the parents/caregivers. I will carefully evaluate what is happening in the household, how old the baby is, and what is the parents' preference, if any, and will apply the method decided.

Beautiful baby with headband sleeping

Choose your plan!

Baby in red sleeping

Package A

• Up to 30 minutes Zoom Consultation
• Customized Sleep Plan
• 1-week of text support
• 1x Up to 15 min follow up call 


Baby in white sleeping on side

Package B

• Up to 45 minutes Zoom Consultation
• Customized Sleep Plan
• 2-weeks of text support
• 2x Up to 15 min calls within 2 weeks


Newborn in brown sleeping

Package C

• Up to 60 minutes Zoom Consultation
• Customized Sleep Plan
• 4-weeks of text/voxer walkie & talkie support 
• 4x Up to 15 min calls within 4 weeks


I offer a virtual sleep conditioning package for 0-3 months old, where I will teach you how to introduce from day 1, good sleep habits to better the transition into sleeping.

For in-person, please, contact me, for an appropriate quote.

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